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Indoor Letter Boards

Looking to place a directory listing in your lobby? An indoor letter board will work for this display. Want to list out the dates of upcoming music recitals? An indoor letter board can display this information too.

If your indoor letter board has seen better days, consider replacing it with a new unit from Information Centers. Our indoor letter boards come complete with a full set of ¾" Helvetica letters and are ready to go - right out of the box!

Key benefits of indoor letter boards from Information Centers

  • Available in either a traditional flat-frame for a bold appearance, or radius corners that lend a sleek, modern look.
  • Clear acrylic glass panels allow your visitors or tenants to view important information with ease.
  • Several sizes, styles and mounting options are available to fit any space.

At Information Centers, we offer a generous warranty and an unbeatable low-price guarantee. These indoor letter boards are durable, functional and attractive - and are available today at prices that can't be beat!