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Sidewalk Signs

All businesses that have road frontage or access to a sidewalk should invest in a set of sidewalk signs. Lure customers into your store with posted daily specials without inducing eye strain.

Our sidewalk signs are available in a variety of configurations, including: Traditional A-Frames, Rolling A-Frames and EZ-Grip Rolling Sidewalk Signs, to name a few.

Key benefits of sidewalk signs from Information Centers

  • Constructed from steel, or steel reinforced plastic for ultimate durability.
  • All units come with letter kits - deluxe models come with additional letters & sale signs.
  • Most units feature rolling wheels, so you can easily move the sign anywhere you please.
  • Bases can be filled with sand or water to ensure a stable, wind-resistant sign.
  • All hardware is included - these sidewalk signs are ready to go within minutes of unboxing.
  • Many units feature a locking system that prevents sign surface tampering.

Every business needs to take advantage of the visibility that a sidewalk sign can provide. With a wide selection of options, and the lowest prices on the market today, Information Centers is the place to buy your next sidewalk sign!